As a lot of you have probably heard about it, this is a presentation called Shattered Dreams. (There are many variations of it on YouTube) It is a very realistic scene that shows the consequences of drinking and driving, especially directed towards teens. One victim gets air lifted, the drunk driver literally gets put into jail, and the person who “passed away” misses school for a whole week. This only happens every 4 years at my school, and I feel blessed that I got to witness it. It really opened my eyes to see my own peers in this situation. And my point for posting this is to let everyone know that no amount of fun is ever going to be worthy of this consequence. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, and to know that anyone would make such a selfish decision just makes my heart ache. My prayers go out to anyone who has ever had to experience a real life situation like this. Things like this happen way too often. If you’re reading this, before you decide to make crazy decisions, please remember the precious lives of other people out there. Most of the time, the intoxicated driver isn’t even the one who dies. It’s almost always the innocent one. The other person may have been the one who didn’t live, but at least they’re not the one living with guilt for the rest of their life. Please don’t let a temporary decision make a permanent scar.
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